Our Story 

Our passion for design has been our motivation since 1997; the year Banyan Jewellery was established. Banyan’s beautiful collections are created by designer Yaniv Zalman, whose passion for creative design has flourished while travelling the world. Our unique styles of jewellery are all produced to the highest standard with great precision and attention to detail by a skilled team of silversmiths, providing both high-quality design and affordability. Once perfected, each piece is produced in 925 sterling silver, often augmented with precious metals and stones. We wholesale to a wide range of retail customers, all of which successfully achieve a high-profit margin from our jewellery. Customer service is our priority, and our friendly team are proud of the excellent service which we deliver.

Banyan Jewellery 
Ethics and Welfare

All of Banyan’s jewellery is produced under close observation, ensuring all of our pieces are to the highest standard with rigorous quality control. We care for the welfare of every individual involved in producing our jewellery, ensuring our workshops are safe and pleasant places to work. We also have close relationships with the craftsmen working with us, who subscribe to our policy of ethical trading, which is a central tenet to all spheres of our business. Keen to give something back, we are active in supporting a range of charities.